Ideas that Helped Mankind Summary | 12th Summary question answer

Ideas that Helped Mankind Summary 

It is very instructive and thought provoking essay by the eminent British philoshpher, scientist and writer, Bertrand Russel. Here the writer has talks about those ideas and inventions which have helped mankind develop his intellectual moral and scientific faculties and improved his economic status and qualities of life. These enabled our civilization to grow and develop to such an extent that now we are proud of our civilization. However, he warns us that the task  making people freer happier, more blissful and peaceful is still icomplete.

In the early stage of our civilization the task was to increase our numbers. Man completed that task by using his interlligeñce. The invention of fire proved  to be a mile stone.

The demonstration of pushed up agricultural growth. It provided stability to our life.  Invention of printing press, the grow of language and the  of writing made us rise from a wild state to our present developed state. These ideas and invention made us superior to animals. Howere, we are more emotional, which Rob’s us of our mental peace. 

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