Bihar Board Class 12th English 100 Marks Model Paper 2022 / BSEB इंटर परीक्षा 2023 मॉडल पेपर इनरनेट



  • Bihar 12th Bihar Board Model Paper 2023

Bihar Board Class 12th 100 marks Model Paper 2023

Class 12th 100 no English Subjective and Objectives 

Type 1 

1. Match the names given in List-A with appropriate titles from List-B : 

List-A                             List-B 

a) John Keats              1) Fire Hymn 

b) Walter de la           2) Epitaph 


c) Kamala Das           3) Now the Leaves are

                                         falling Fast 

d) Keki N.                   4) My Grandmother’s    Daruwalla                                House.

d) W.H. Auden           5) To Autumn. 


Ans ⇒ a-5,.     b-2,      c-4,    d-1,.   e-3

2. Match the names given in List-A with List-B : 

List-A                             List-B 

a) Arms and the Man               1) E. M. Foster

b) Macbeth                                  2) Mulk Raj Anand 

c) Untouchable                          3) William Shakespeare 

d) The Guide                             4) G. B. Shaw 

e) A Passage to India              5) R. K. Narayan 


Ans ⇒ a-4,    b-3,    c-2,   d-5,     e-1

ये लो पुरा Details



1. Write the names of five Indians writers in English and alo mention one poem or literary work of each of them. 

Ans ⇒ a) R.K. Narayan = The Guide

             b) Mulk Raj Anand = Untouchable , Collie 

        c) Raja Rao = The Serpant and the Rope 

        d) Manohar Malgaonkar = A Bend in the Ganges 

            e) Ravindra Nath Tagore = Gitanjali 

2. Name the authors of the following pieces : a) Bharat is My Home

b) I have A Dream

c) The Artist

Ans ⇒ a) Dr. Zakir Hussain

b) Martin Luther King Jr.

c) Shiga Noya


3. Name the authors of the following :

a) David Copperfield

b) Emma

c) Piers the Plowman

d) The Guide

e)  Macbeth

Ans ⇒ a = Charles Dickens

b = Jane Auston

c = William Langland

d = R. K. Narayan

e = William Shakespeare


4. Name of the authors of the following works :

a) As You Like It.

b) The Old Man and the Sea.

c) Pride and Prejudice.

d) Train to Pakistan.

e) The Wasteland

Ans ⇒ a = William Shakespeare

b = Earnest Hemingway

c = Jane Austen

d = Khuswant Singh

e = T. S. Eliot


5. Name any five Indian English novelists.

Ans ⇒ 1) Khuswant Singh

             2) R.K. Narayan

            3) Bankim Chandra

           4) Raja Rao 

           5) Mulk Raj Anand 

6. Name of five English dramatists. 

Ans ⇒ 1) Oliver Goldsmith 

             2) Congrave 

             3) Sheridan 

             4) John Lily 

            5) William Shakespeare 

7. Name the authors of the following works : 

a) Tom Johns         b) Coolie 

c) David Copperfield     d) The Guide

e) The Merchant of Venice 

Ans ⇒ a = Henry Fielding 

             b = Mulk Raj Anand 

             c = Charles Dickens 

             d = R. K. Narayan 

             e = William Shakespeare 






1. The Gujarat equivalent for civilization means –             2021A, 

A) bad conduct           B) intelligent conduct 

C) good conduct          D) delightful conduct

Ans ⇒ C 

2. Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty.” is from –                   2021A 

A) Indian Civilization and Culture 

B) A Child is Born 

C) A Marriage Proposal 

D) Bharat is My Home 

Ans ⇒ A 

3. Some of the immediate and brilliant results of modern inventions are too maddening to resist. is from –    2021A 

A) Bharat is My Home 

B) A Pinch of Snuff 

C) Indian Civilization and Culture 

D) Ideas That Have Helpled Mankind 

Ans ⇒ C 

4. The more we indulge in our passions, the more unbridled they become” is taken from –                  2021A 

A) Bharat is My Home 🏡

B) Indian Civilization and Culture 

C) How Free is the Press 

D) A Child is Born 

Ans ⇒ B 

5.  ………… were satisfied with true Home Rule.                   2021A 

A) Our ancestors      B) Germans 

C) Italians                   D) Greeks 

Ans ⇒ A 

6. India remains immovable and that is her –                      2021 

A) independence       B) glory 

C) Italians                    D) Power 

Ans ⇒ B 

7. The sentence ‘After all, there is something in Hinduism that has kept it alive up till now’ is taken from ……… 

           2019, 2020 

A) Artist                B) The Earth 

C) Indian Civilization and Culture 

D) I have a Dream 

Ans ⇒ C 

8. Gandhiji died at the hands of a fanatic on ………                   2020 

A) 31st October, 1948 

B) 15th August, 1947 

C) 30th January, 1948 

D) 26th January, 1950 

Ans ⇒ C

9. I believe that the civilization India has evolved is not to be beaten in the world’ is from ………             2020 

A) Indian Civilization and Culture

B) India Through a Traveller’s Eye 

C) The Earth 

D) Bharat is My Home 🏘️

Ans ⇒ A 

10. Our forefathers did not invent machinery because –     2020 

A) they knew we would become slaves 

B) they knew we would be happy

C) they did not like to see us comfortable 

D) they were jealous of us. 

Ans ⇒ A 

11. Gibbon is associated with –    2018 

A) Italy                  B) Sweden 

C) Russia                D) America 

Ans ⇒ A 

12. Europeon civilization will mean……… for India .                      2018 

A) want                    B) living 

C) real                      D) ruin 

Ans ⇒ D 

13. …………… were satisfied with small villages .               2020 

A) Our ancestors         B) Germans 

C) Romans                    D) Italians 

Ans ⇒ A 

14. Has civilization taught us to be more ….. towards one another ?        2018 

A) enemy                    B) angry 

C) upset                      D) friendly 

Ans ⇒ B 

15. Civilization points out to man-   2019 

A) how to make money 

B) how to win the enemy 

C) the path of duty 

D) the way of living

Ans ⇒ C 

16. Indian Civilization and Culture has been written by –

A) Pt. Nehru।         B) M. Gandhi

C) Hussain             D) None of these

Ans ⇒ B


👉 2. Bharat is My Home 🏡


1. The people have chosen to make me the head of this family for certain time. Who says that?               2021 

A) Dr. Zakir Hussain     B) Kamala Das

C) Pearl S. Buck         

D) Manohar Malgaonkar 

Ans ⇒ A 

2. Dr. Radhakrishnan never lost his falth in the  ………..            2019, 2020 

A) essential wealth 

B) essential humanity of man 

C essential knowledge

D) essential experience 

Ans ⇒ B 

3. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born on …….  2022

4. Dr. Zakir Hussain had also served as the Governer of ……          2020 

A) West Bengal           B) Assam 

C) Bihar                        D) Karnataka 

Ans ⇒ C 

5. ……….. is the prime instrument of nation building.               2020

A) Agriculture।           B) Education

C) Trade                        D) None of these 

Ans ⇒ B 

6. Dr. Zakir Hussain entered the office in a spirit of ……         2018 

A) special                B) prayful 

C) long                     D) new 

Ans ⇒ B 

7. Dr. Zakir Hussain has written the lesson –                                  2020 

A) Indian Civilization and Culture 

 B) I have a Dream 

C) Bharat is My Home 

D) The Artist 

Ans ⇒ C 




1. Who travelled free with Nanukaka ? 

A) Dog 🐕            B) Robbit 

C) Hen                 D) Kitten 😸 

Ans ⇒ D 

2. The mother in ” A Pinch of Snuff ” was waiting at the …..          2021 

A) room                  B) gate 

C) doorstep            D) verandah 

Ans ⇒ C 

3. Nanukaka took out his cheque-book and wrote a cheque for –        2018 

A) five thousand rupees 

B) two thousand rupees

C) a thousand rupees

D) five hundred rupees 

Ans ⇒ C 

4. Nanukaka was author’s –      2021 

A) brother                      B) neighbour 

C) maternal uncle        D) friend 

Ans ⇒ C 

5. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi –   2021 

A) to visit the Red Fort 

B) to some minister 

C) to participate a conference 

D) to spend the summer 

Ans ⇒ B 

6. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is written by –   2018 

A) Bertrand Russell

B) H. E. Bates 

C) Manohar Malgaonkar

D) Pearl S Buck 

Ans ⇒ C 



1. Martin Luther King Jr. asks the black people to continue working with –  2021

A) love 😘            B) hatred 

C) faith                  D) jealousy 

Ans ⇒ C

2. Emancipation Proclamation gave the Negro –                       2021 

A) slavery          B) freedom from slavery

C) captivity        D) despair 

3.  ……… is sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression.          2021 

A) New york            B) New Jersey 

C) Mississippi          D) Chicago 

Ans ⇒ C 

4. ” And as we walk , we make the pledge that we shall –              2020 

A) always be satisfied 

B) always fight 

C) always hate people 

D) always march ahead 

Ans ⇒ D 

5. ‘I Have a Dream’ is written by –   2019 

A) Germain Greer 

B) Shiga Noya

C) Martin Luther King Jr. 

D) H. E. Bates 

Ans ⇒ C 

6. Martin Luther King Jr. has written the lesson-              2018

A) The Artist            B) I Have a Dream 

C) A Pinch of Snuff     

D) Bharat is My Home 🏡 

Ans ⇒ B 

7. Martin Luther King Jr. dislikes ………. discrimination.              2020 

A) cast                   B) sex 

C) religion             D) racial 

Ans ⇒  D

8. ‘ I Have a Dream’ is a speech delivered by –                2020 

A) Germaine Greer       B) Shiga Noya

C) H. E. Bates      

D) Martin Luther King Jr. 

Ans ⇒ D 

9. The ‘bank of justice’ is –      2018 

A) bankrupt          B) highway 

C) staggered         D) struggled 

Ans ⇒ A 




1. All technological changes cause ……. problems.                  2021 

A) social                 B) behaviour 

C) industrial         D) personal 

Ans = A

2. Bertrand Russell was also a –     2021 

A) painter                   B) dramatist

C) mathematician     D) geolosist 

Ans = C 

3. According to Bertrand Russell …….. die in large numbers in winter .              2021 

A) Human brings      B) plants 

C) Animals                 D) Birds

Ans = D 

4. Bertrand Russell was awarded Nobel prize in literature in the year – 2019, 2020

A) 1956                     B) 1952 

C) 1950                     D) 1953 

Ans = C 

5. Bertrand Russell is the author of the prose -piece           2019 

A) How Free is the Press 

B) The Artist 

C) Ideas That Have Helpled Mankind

D) The Earth 

Ans = C 

6. We are able to get variety of enjoyment due to –                 2018 

A) Our intelligence 

B) our riches 

C) Our physical strength 

D) None of these 

Ans = A 

7. ‘Ideas that have helped mankind ‘ has been written by –    2019, 2020

A) G. Greer 

B) D.L. Sayers 

C) H.E. Bates 

D) Bertrand Russell 

Ans = D 




1. Seibi was passionately interested in – 


A) baskets           

B) carrots 

C) gourds 

D) potatoes 

Ans = C 

2. Seibi would examine the ……. as soon as he got up .                  2021 

A) gourds 

B) painting 

C) books 

D) food 

Ans = A 

3. The type of gourds that appealed Seibi was -।                     2021 

A) unpolished 

B) peculiar 

C) even and symmetrical 

D) old and gnarled 

Ans = C 

4. Seibi was a…… Japanese boy.     2019

A) nine years old

B) ten years old

C) eleven years old

D) twelve Years old

Ans = D 

5. Seibi’s hobby was collecting of –   2019 

A) stamps 

B) books 

C) gourds

D) None of these

Ans = C 

6. Seibi was passionately interested in – 

 A) pumpkin                                 2020 

B) gourds 

C) potato 🥔

D) None of these 

Ans = B 




1. The sentence ” In many societies women still go forth from their mother’s house 🏡 at marriage to live with a mother -in जला” has been taken from ………    2019 

A) India Through a Traveller’s Eyes 👀 

B) Bharat is My Home 🏡 

C) A Child is Born 

D)A Marriage Proposal

Ans = C 

2. The voice of a few women raised in warning cannot be heard …..      2020 

A) over the problems of the society 

B) in the western technology 

C) over the humming and throbbing of our machines

C) in the caries of our children 

Ans = C 

3. A woman has to observe various customs and rituals during –        2021 

A) education 

B) cooking 

C) having bath 

D) pregnancy

Ans = D 

4. Germaine Greer was born in – 

A) 1919 

B) 1929

C) 1939 

D) 1949 

Ans = C 



1. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by –         2019 

A) two chief factors

B) three chief factors 

C) four chief factors

D) None of these

Ans = A 

2. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by ……. chief factors.       2021 

A) one

B) two 

C) three

D) four 

Ans = B 

3. When we speak of ‘the freedom of press’ we usually mean freedom in a …………… sense.             2021 

A) broad 

B) legal 

C) technical

D) social 

Ans = C 

4.  When is consership imposed in press on a country like Britain ?         2021 

A) During flood 

B) During emergency 

C) During election 

D) During disaster 

Ans = D 
















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