Class 12th English Summary question answer | Bihar board 12th class English summary Indian civilization and culture question answer


                              – MAHATMA GANDHI 

Indian civilization and culture is an important essay writing by Mahatma Gandhi in this essay Gandhiji described the importance of Indian civilization. Hi freshers our assistant civilization and se dash no other civilization off d world can be compare with our civilization.

According to Gandhiji civilization is the way of conduct it guides us to do our dirty it also teaches us the lesson of morality it reference to good conduct and stresses our moral character. But our civilization has remainder unchange our civilization is the only civilization in the world which has no lost its Glory.

Gandhiji said that the Western civilization is inferior to the civilization because it is best on metallism and immorality on the other hand the Indian civilization is best on spiritualism and morality.

Gandhiji says that mind is a raceler bird because it is never satisfied the more it guest the more it want and still remain and satisfied. Do be happy our unhappy dependent on our mind. We have endless disease and such disease make our mind restless.

Gandhiji mens to say that the Indian civilization is matchless he say that he Indian civilization is superior to any other civilization in the world 8 promoters moral development and real happiness. 

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