Health is Wealth essay | bseb Health is Wealth on essay

         Health is Wealth  

It goes without saying that health is the most valuable thing in the world. It has rightly been called that health is wealth. Wealth without health is of no use. A healthy man can lead a life of happiness even if he has a liltle wealth but a wealthy man without health cannot enjoy any thing in his life. His life becomes a burden. Happiness is a state of mind without conflicts. A healthy man enjoys all the pleasures of life where as a sick person finds his life a veritable hell, Riches cannot buy one health. A healthy body has a healthy mind. They are the permanent sources of happiness. Wealth at its best may be a means to temporary happiness. The rich often suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, heart ailments and their life is ruined inspite of their money. So, it is right to say that health is wealth.

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