BSEB Class 10th English 21 February 2022 VVI question answer यही रहेगा | 10th English letter Essay Question Answer

BSEB class 10th VVI question answer 21 February 2022 


15no पूरा यही रहेगा 




1 Write a letter to your father or mother to inform him that you are going to see Mukesh your friend who is seriously ill.

2. Write an application to the headmaster of your school arrange extra class for maths and science in the school for class 10.

3. You are Kundan a student of class 10 your school has recently celebrate children’s day write a report in about 60 words describing the events

4. You along with your friends are going to the playground write a message to your friend asking him to join you there write a message in about 30 to 40 words.

5. The school is going to be closed on the occasion of Durga Puja on 25 October 2022 also mentioned that the students should be given home work for Pooja vacation on now write a notice.

6. You are Sonu of class 10 prepare a speech to be given in the morning assembly of your school on the topic yoga.


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