Class 12th English Summary 2023 | Bihar Board Class 12th English Summary 2023

Class 12th English Summary

* Write the summary of any one of the following poems .

1. My Grandmother’s House Summary

⇒ My Grandmother’s House 🏡 is a wonderful poem written by Kamala Das. In this poem, the poetess describes a particular house, where the spent sweet days of her childhood.

The poetess says that she lived with her grandmother in same house during her childhood. The house belonged to her grandmother. She got love from her grandmother in the that house. Everything was very good round the house. But, when her grandmother dead and the speaker begin to live in other place, the condition of the house become very bad. Everywhere round that house became pitiable. Bushes grew around it and snackes were moving there. The house become silent. The speaker went there to see the house. When she reached there, she got earlier love. She was the house 🏡 damaged. Everything was changed. But, still she feels Pride, because she got love grandmother’s death shocked her and she felt as if her blood became cold as the as the moon. 

Thus, in this poem the poetess wants to tell that how she lived with her grandmother in the house 🏡, where she was too young. 


2. The Artist Summary 

Summary of the artist

The Artist is a very sensitive story written by a Japanese writter ‘Shiga Noya’ . In this story the writter deals with the world of a talented Japanese boy, Seibi. The story shows how the adult world often causes damage to such talents. 

              According to the story, Seibie is a Japanese boy, who has a peculiar hobby to collect gourds . He generally goes to and boys a gourd. He brings it, first he makes a neat hole in the top of it and extracts the seeds . After that he applied tea-leaves to get ride of the unpleasant gourd-smell. He then takes win and carefully polishes the surface. 

              Seibie is a twelve years old boy. He lives in a harbour town and read in a primary school. He does not like to play with the other children. He is really wanders about the town looking for guards. 

One day he goes to school with a guard and starts polishing it in the class while the teacher has been teaching. The teacher catches him red-handed and rebukes him for such womanish work. The teacher complaints to his mother. When he is forced to give up collecting gods he beings making pictures and becomes an artist. But, his father scolds him for painting the pictures. 

          Thus, the story-writer throws light over the fact that parents and adult world often causes damage to young talents like a talented the Japanese boy, Seibie. 

12th 100 marks Summary

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