Indian civilization and culture Summary|| 12th Indian civilization and culture question answer


– Mahatma Gandhi

Indian civilization and culture is an important essay written by Mahatma Gandhi. In this essay Gandhiji describes the importance of Indian civilization. He praises our ancient civilization and says that no other civilization of the world can be compare with our civilization.

According to Gandhiji, civilization is the way of conduct. It is guiiides us to do our dirty it also teachers as the lesson of morality. It refers to good conductor and its dresses our moral character. How was civilization is the most ancient and the strongest of all the civilization of the world. Many civilization in the world. Gandhiji says that the Western civilization is a real to the Indian civilization because it is West or materialism and immorality

Gandhi ji says that mind is a respected because it is never satisfied. The more it guest the more it wants and steel remain unsatisfied. To be happy or unhappy depend on our mind. A rich Manvi and happy in his place will a poor man may be happy in his cottage.

Thus Gandhi ji mens to say that the Indian civilization is matchless. He says that the Indian civilization is superior to any other civilization in the world it is promoters moral development and real happiness.





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