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                                      – Shiga Naoya 

The artist is a very sensitive story written by a Japanese writer Shiga Naoya. In this story The writer deals with the world of a talented Japanese boy seibie. The story show who the adult world of often causes damage to such talents.

             According to the story seibie is a Japanese boy who has a peculiar hobby to collect grounds. He brings eat first he make a net in the top of it and extracts the seeds. After that he applied tea leaves to get rid of the unpleasant ground smell. Hi then text wine and carefully polishes the surface .

           One day he goes to school with a ground and start polishing eat in the glass while the teacher has been teaching. When his father comes and hers about the teachers complaint he we can angry and with his son, seibei. When he is forced to give up collecting ground, he begins making picture and bcom and artist. But his father scolds him for painting the picture. 

     Thus, the story writer throws lights over the fact that parents and adult world often causes damage to young talent like a talented Japanese, seibei. 

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