Ode To Autumn summary | class 12th English summary ode to autumn

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                                            John Keats

‘Ode to Autumn’ is a very nice poem composed by JohnKeats. The poet was a great lover of Nature. In this poem, the poet describes the beauty and music of autumn in a series of memorable pictures.Here, the poet exhibits the principles of beauty in Nature. He says that autumn is the season of mists and ripening of fruits. During this seasons, fruits ripen as a result of the co- operation between an autumn and his close friends the sun. There is neither heat of summer nor bitter cold of winter. The rays of the sun makes the fruits fleshy, fat and tasty. Nature looks beautiful everywhere. Wind blows friendly and birds sing sweet songs. People are happy in this season. They can do their work easily in this season. In the last stanza of the poem the poet presents autumn as a store-house of music. He says that autumn is not without its music. Nature remains calm and cool in this pleasant season everywhere.

          Thus, the poet means to say that autumn is a very pleasant season. This season makes a man happy and active.

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