Macavity The Mystery Cat summary | Bihar Board 12th class English summary Macavity The Mystery Cat question answer


– T . S ELIOT 

Make a beauty the my study cat is humorous poem written by TS Eliot. In this poem the poet descript the mischiefs of a mysterious cat name makeoverty.

                       According to the poem makeoverty is a mystery cat because it comets various kinds of crimes but it is never nabbed by the police. It commits the crimes and vanishes. Really it is a master criminal who defies both women and natural laws. It commits crime such as drinking milk breaking glass but it never lives any type of clue at the place of occurrence. It is the leader of the gang of the criminals cats. In fact it is the Napoleon of crime.

                             Thus, the poet means to say that my activity is a clever and conning cat who makes problem for anybody.


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           Written by Manish Kumar 


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