An Epitaph summary | Bihar Board 12th class summary An Epitaph question answer English


An Epitaph is a short poem composed by Walter de la Mare. In this poem the poet deals with the transitoriness of human life and human relationship. 

          Hear the poet expresses his bad feelings for a very beautiful lady who has died. She was the most beautiful lady in the West country. She was light of step and heart. Her beauty was very attractive but it is short lived. There is no way to save beauty from destruction. After her death her beauty vanishes and passes. The poet loved her so much that when she was there he was weeping bitterly. She used to sit on her Epitaph where she was laid down. The poet feels that nobody will remember he after his death.

  Thus, the poet means to say that beauty is not internal. It vanishes with the passage of time.

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